Casting resin for the thermoforming process

In the following “ALWA MOULD D” (patent no. 2801463).

ALWA MOULD D consists of two resin components and an aluminium filler.

ALWA MOULD  D / ATLAS M 130 is characterized by the following advantages:

  • Fast curing in approx. 50 min.
  • Good castability
  • Cast without air inclusions
  • Good mechanical finishing
  • Post curing is unnecessary
  • High temperature resistance
  • Low linear shrinkage
  • Highly accurate mould surface reproduction
  • Easy casting of small and big quantities (1 kg – 2500 kg)

Productvideo ALWA MOULD D / ATLAS M130

Moulds made of ALWA MOULD D are resistant to temperatures of up to 135 °C, short term exposure of up to 180 °C is possible, taking into account the lower compressive strength of the mould due to the temperature. In order to control the temperature of the mould during the production process, copper pipes or heating systems at a distance of 3 – 4 cm to each other and of 1 – 2 cm to the pattern’s surface can be included in the casting process. To ensure the same thermal expansion coefficient only aluminium and perforated aluminium sheets (wall thickness of 2 – 3 mm) should be attached to the casting box as reinforcements, which are afterwards recast with casting resin. All inserts should have a minimum distance of 10 mm to the pattern’s surface.

Characteristic  Norm Unit Value
Temperature resistance DIN 53462 / ISO 75 B °C 135
Pot life Min. ~17 – 20
Reaction temperature °C 120 -130
Hardness Shore D ~±D86
Compressive strength at RT 20 °C / 100 °C KN/cm² 8 – 9 / 7 – 8
Impact strength DIN 53453 J/n (KJ/m²) 3400 (3.5)
Viscosity of the mixture mPAS ~7,000
Specific density kg/l 1.7
Thermal conductivity DIN 1341 W/mk (Kcal/hm°C) ~1 (~0.86)
Linear shrinkage after the curing process (specimen 500 x 100 x 25 mm) % ~±0.1
Vicat softening temperature DIN 1341 °C 180
Shelf life at 16 °C to 22 °C Months ~18
Thermal expansion coefficient DIN 1341 °C 10-6/45

Important notes to ALWA MOULD D:

ALWA aluminium powder
Our aluminium powder does not sediment during the pot life. Therefore, only our ALWA aluminium powder should be used.

ALWA mixer
With our mixers nearly no air is stirred in. The material is mixed from bottom to top. The hardener is stirred in quickly and homogeneously.

Temperature resistance of additional materials
The expansion coefficient of materials which are attached to or in the casting box should be equal to that of, for example, copper pipes and perforated aluminium sheets. No steel or wood shall be used.



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