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As a long-standing family business ALWA combines innovative thinking with more than 30 years of experience. The shareholder family has already been taking responsibility for the company in its second generation. The success of ALWA is rooted in both tradition and cooperation in an environment of trust and confidence. Our principles are reliability and partnership-based cooperation. The successful introduction of our high-quality products on the market requires strong suppliers and, of course, the full commitment of all our employees. We regard our employees as our most valuable asset and the basis of our success.

A proven concept

We are a specialist in the development, production and the distribution of synthetic resin systems, primarily for model and mould making. In combination with special filler mixtures, user-friendly systems are developed, which are used in the area of mould making, especially for processing thermoplastics and duroplastics, and in the ceramic industry. For the production of high quality moulds our customers need materials with best product properties. High temperature resistance, good mechanical stability as well as dimensional accuracy are important criteria for our customers, who we serve with our high-quality products. The fast curing of our patented casting resin systems makes it possible to produce highest-quality moulds in just one day instead of one week as well as the production of compact moulds of any desired volume. We are able to deliver “just in time” because of our well-stocked warehouse. Our materials are used in order to produce moulds for the sanitary and chocolate industry as well as dental laboratories and plastic display manufacturers. Moreover, our materials can be used for vacuum clamping technology, filter applications, air film and sliding technology and foundry, among others.

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Who we are


The entrepreneur Dr. Nadin Dirkmorfeld took over the management of her deceased father Ulrich Hüther in 2017.  Since then she runs the family company together with her husband Bernd Dirkmorfeld. Previously, Mrs. Nadin Dirkmorfeld had earned her doctorate in the field of knowledge management at the University of Paderborn (Urkunde: Urkunde Dr. Nadin Dirkmorfeld). In cooperation with the chair of marketing held by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Klaus Rosenthal she offers the module knowledge management at the university of Paderborn since the summer semester 2016.

Corporate culture

Our employees are part of the family company. Each individual feels responsible for the success of the company and serves the whole with great commitment and passion. ALWA has also maintained a long-term cooperation with its customers and business partners over years and decades, which is characterized by mutual respect, fairness and trust.

One step ahead through new technologies

Being a mid-sized company, we are always able to react to our customer requirements in an innovative, fast and flexible way. This includes a commitment to continuous development. Our registered patents and utility models of our own developments illustrate that we successfully seek new ideas every day.

Compatibility between family and working life

ALWA creates conditions that facilitate the individual work-life balance due to appropriate measurements: We ease the re-entry of our employees into the company also during parental leave by giving opportunities for part-time employment. We create individual solutions, for instance, holidays or part-time release from work to assist employees in combining a career with family life.

Leadership with responsibility

All our activities are oriented towards ensuring and strengthening the family company’s long-term independence. We do not plan in annual cycles but for the next generation and we invest in tomorrow’s markets already today.

Company history

1986 Company foundation
1986 –
Trade with fillers
1989 Production and distribution of the resin system ALWA MOULD V
1991 Production and distribution of the resin system ALWA MOULD H
1992 Production and distribution of the resin system ALWA MOULD D
1994 Global distribution of ALWA systems with international partners
2002 Production and distribution of the resin system ALWA MOULD T
2003 Production and distribution of the resin system ALWA MOULD S
2006 Production and distribution of the resin system ALWA MOULD O
2007 Trade with the silicone systems ALWA SIL
2015 Production and distribution of ALWA POR porous slabs and blocks
2015 Appointment of Ulrich Johannes Hüther’s daughter Dr Nadin Dirkmorfeld as executive manager
2016 Production and distribution of the resin system ALWA MOULD P as test material
2017 Dr. Nadin Dirkmorfeld takes over the family company of her deceased father Ulrich Hüther. Since then she runs the business together with her husband Bernd Dirkmorfeld.

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