We offer in-house trainings, which have the following advantages for you:

  • no shortfall in personnel
  • no travel expenses for employees
  • training on your patterns
  • fixed costs due to our package deal
  • direct consultation and problem solving on a local basis


  • Preparation of the pattern

    – Sealing or painting
    – Applying of release lacquer
    – Attachment of aluminium perforated sheets to reinforce the material
    – Attachment of copper pipe meanders or heating elements

  • Calculation of the batch quantity
  • Processing

    – Mixing and casting of the material
    – Demoulding

  • Mechanical processing (e.g., milling, grinding, drilling)
  • Repairs

Model and mold service

You have the ideas, we have the right partners to realize them with our material. Our trading partner in Finland will gladly make you an offer:

VST Works Oy, Yrittäjäntie 4, FI-23101 Mynämäki