Casting resin for metallography

Cold embedding resin ALWA MOULD E

ALWA MOULD E is a liquid which combined with a powder component gets a 2-component-system that is absolutely gap and shrink-free (please note that we do not distribute any powder component and that it has to be purchased externally). The application areas cover the full material range with the most diverse geometric shapes where top quality as regards margin fit, grinding and polishing are required.

Application areas
Due to the used powder ALWA MOULD E has a processing time of approx. 3 min. The curing is about 9 to 15 min. depending on the used powder, sample size and room temperature. Because of the shrink-free behav-ior and the excellent edge ending an optimal edge definition is reached.

  • No polymerization shrinkage
  • Gap-free embedding
  • Excellent edge definition
  • Excellent grinding and polishing properties
  • Less thermal stress compared to other customary embedding resins

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