ALWA ALUMINIUM BLOCK for the thermoforming process

ALWA ALUMINIUM BLOCK (resin-based) is made for the thermoforming process (e.g., polystyrene, polycarbonate, acryl, etc.).

ALWA ALUMINIUM-BLOCK (resin-based) is characterized by the following advantages:

  • Good mechanical finishing
  • High temperature resistance

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Moulds made of ALWA ALUMINIUM-BLOCK are resistant to temperatures of up to 135 °C, short term exposure of up to 180 °C is possible, taking into account the lower compressive strength of the mould due to the temperature.

Characteristic  Norm Unit Value
Temperature resistance DIN 53462 / ISO 75 B °C 135
Hardness Shore D ~±D86
Compressive strength at RT 20 °C / 100 °C KN/cm² 8 – 9 / 7 – 8
Impact strength DIN 53453 J/n (KJ/m²) 3400 (3.5)
Specific density kg/l 1.7
Thermal conductivity DIN 1341 W/mk (Kcal/hm°C) ~1 (~0.86)
Vicat softening temperature DIN 1341 °C 180
Thermal expansion coefficient DIN 1341 °C 10-6/45


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