The full potential of 3D printing with ALWA MOULD D

The full potential of 3D printing with ALWA MOULD D

Harness the full potential of 3D printing for the production of negative moulds with ALWA MOULD D. Two approaches are available: Fast printing with subsequent CNC finishing or high-resolution printing with minimal hand finishing. 

First Method: Speed-Printing
This Method prioritizes production speed. Customers integrate copper pipes for optimal temperature control and steel wires to create vacuum channels directly in the 3D print. The result: A negative that is quickly processed and finalized on the CNC. ALWA MOULD D offers advantages over aluminium, especially due to effective temperature management behind the surface and not just at the base plate, which is essential for complex geometries.

Second Method: Precision-Printing
Here, surface quality is the focus. ALWA MOULD D is poured into the 3D printed model at exactly 21 degrees Celsius to guarantee a shrink-free casting. The result is an accurately sized mould that requires only minimal hand finishing. 

Both approaches guarantee the highest effiency and quality and are specifically tailored to.


7 March 2024

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