The production of a shower tray mould

The production of a shower tray mould

we are proud to introduce a groundbreaking solution in the manufacturing of shower tray moulds - our patented ALWA MOULD D casting resin system. Designed for effiency and ease of use, ALWA MOULD D sets a new standard in the industry. 

Key Benefits: 

Rapid Curing: Our system significantly reduces production time with its fast curing properties, enabling quicker turnaround for projects.

Ease of Application: ALWA MOULD D is engineered for straightforward application, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process without the need for specialized training. 

Comparable to Aluminium: Finished moulds made with ALWA MOULD D stand toe-to-toe with those crafted from aluminium, offering durability and precision without the heavy weight or high cost. 

For CEOs and industry leaders looking to enhance their production capabilities, ALWA MOULD D represents not just an innovation, but a transformation in how shower tray moulds are made. Embrace effiency, reduce costs, and maintain high-quality standards with our patented system. 


15 February 2024

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