From station wagon to pickup truck with MOULD D

From station wagon to pickup truck with MOULD D

Did you know how easy it is to turn a station wagon into a pickup truck? 
With MOULD D, it becomes child's play.
 We illustrate a part of the transformation by showcasing the production of a cover for the pickup truck tailgate.

Structural Resilience: Our MOULD D resin is designed to meet the high demands of thhermoforming process, providing tools with enhanced durability and superior performance.

Thermal Resistance: Thermoforming processes require materials that can withstand high temperatures. MOULD D preserves its structural integrity at temperatures up to 135 °C, making it ideal for manufacturing pickup truck tailgate covers. 

Sustainable Innovation: Our commitment to sutainability is reflected in our system, which consits of 60% recycled aluminium filler, reducing the ecological footprint and supporting the environmental initiatives of the automotive industry. 

Precision Manufacturing: Accuracy is essential. Our casting resin is designed to ensure that each thermoforming tool precisely matches the specifications of our customers, guaranteering a flawless fit for the pickup truck tailgate cover. 

Efficiency Enhancement:  Our fast-curing resin optimizes your production process, enabling quicker tool deployment and thereby increasing throughput and efficiency.

We invite you to set new standards in the production of pickup truck tailgate covers for renowned automotive manufactures with us. 
With MOULD D, a new era of thermoforming perfection begins. 


25 January 2024

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