VSTworks success story

VSTworks success story

VSTworks specialises in the creation of models, molds, production tools, prototypes and 3D visualisations for a wide range of customers. 

The company was faced with the challenge of producing a deep drawing mould for a 1200 litre boat. 
The aim was to achieve an impeccable surface quality with an elegant design. The solution was found in MOULD D.
The sophisticated temperature control system of MOULD D, which includes copper tubes integrated into the mold, was used. 
This innovation is essential to avoid optical disortion and to reproduce sharp edges and smooth lines perfectly. The result is an impressive thermoforming tool that has not only met but exceeded expectations. 

At ALWA we are proud to be a part of the VSTworks success story. If you want to bring the same level of precision and quality to your projects, get in touch.

Discover how our MOULD D can shape your success!


18 January 2024

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