Superior visual merchandising solutions with ALWA POR

Superior visual merchandising solutions with ALWA POR

Leboeuf (, a purveyor of superior visual merchandising solutions, has achieved exceptional quality in their latest project. 

Tasked with thermoforming a leather grain for a sophisticated display panel, Leboeuf faced the stringent quality requirements of their client. Their quest for the optimal material led them to ALWA POR, a microporous substance known for its outstanding surface properties. 

The outcome? A superior level of finish and clarity that not only met but exceeded Leboeuf's expectations. 

Are you looking to enhance the quality of your visual merchandising displays? Be inspired by Leboeuf's success story and explore the benefits of ALWA POR. 

Contact us to learn how ALWA POR can transform the execution of your next project!


10 January 2024

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